Unlock the mystery of the Ancient Hebrew language

Hebrew is the universal language of the Jews everywhere, and the key to the inner meaning of the Jewish bible, Jewish prayers and ideas. Even if you’ve never had Hebrew lessons before, you can learn to read Hebrew in just a few months with one of our patient, talented TorahMates study partners.

Start your Hebrew lessons with our study partners. You can schedule a time that’s convenient for you, and we will send you all the material you need to learn to read Hebrew, all for free.

Learn Hebrew alone, or supplement it with any other Jewish topic that interests you. Just fill out this quick form online. We will call to set you up with a Torah Mate and send you material, all free of charge. Even if you have no background in Hebrew, soon you will be mastering the Hebrew alphabet and learning to read the language of the Jewish people. There’s no easier, more convenient way to learn Hebrew!

Learn to read the language of the Jewish people. There’s no easier, more convenient way to learn Hebrew!

» Rachel Theobald, Austin, TX

TorahMates set me up with a superb tutor in Hebrew. My tutor taught me the basic alphabet, vowels and sounds as well as some basic vocabulary. The connection I formed with my TorahMate helped me realize that what I was searching for was a lot closer than I thought!

» Jeff Wittenberg, Staten Island NY

My relationship with Dovid is going on three years now. Over time, I learned to read Hebrew, and with patience and understanding, he clarified many things in Judaism to me that I never fully appreciated.

» Ethy Gross, Philadelphia PA

Love, love the TorahMates phone calls. I'm very satisfied with the program. I feel very fortunate that I found you and you followed through with getting back to me. It's something I always wanted to do, learn Hebrew.

Learn to read with the “Reishit Bina - The Adult Hebrew Reading Crash Course ”

Your Learning Kit includes; learning material, Information about our Free Mileage program and some small surprises. What a gift!

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Other Hebrew textbooks we use “The Wisdom of the Hebrew Alphabet