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About the TorahMates Learning Program

Judaism and Torah Study for Beginners and Pros

Oorah's TorahMates is a free Jewish learning program partnering thousands of Torah study partners globally. Our goal is to allow every Jewish individual to learn more about their heritage, and to allow beginners the opportunity to study Torah from the comfort of their own home. Dedicated coordinators match men and women wishing to learn Torah and learn more about their heritage with knowledgeable and friendly volunteer teachers. After choosing the topic they'd like to study, TorahMates learn Torah on the phone or video call for a half-hour a week.

It doesn’t have to end after you hang up the phone! Many TorahMates become close friends as they grow together every week. Annual retreats bring the TorahMates community together for a weekend of growth and bonding, and as a bonus, TorahMates earn miles for every minute they learn which can be used to purchase many different types of great prizes! In 2020, the TorahMates' Jewish Resources website was launched as well, giving visitors a convenient location that houses weekly inspiration, recipes, holiday guides, and more.

TorahMates Fun Fact!

Our 11,500+ TorahMates span in age from 7 to 97 years and study in 8 languages!



Humble Beginnings

The TorahMates initiative began with a small group of volunteers. There was no official TorahMates program or systemized course. The concept was simple- join 2 Jews together, and let them learn Torah.


Widening the Reach

The group of volunteers reached out from their base in Staten Island to families in NJ to spread their knowledge and share their wisdom.


On the Web

Flyers with information were created, as well as a website for people to check out the program for themselves.



The organization expanded. Once independent partnerships, the learning partners connected and became a part of something greater than themselves.


TorahMates Established

The partnership program became an official division of Oorah, and was named TorahMates. The partners primarily learnt over the phone, choosing a topic in Judaism that interested them, from Talmud to Jewish customs and laws.


TorahMates Expanded

TorahMates became so big that an entire department at Oorah was created specifically for TorahMates coordinators and staff.


Junior TorahMates Established

With the establishment of Junior TorahMates, the youth were able to gain from the benefits that mentorship and Torah study offers.


TorahMates Rapid Growth

TorahMates reached 100 partnerships.


TorahMates reached 500 partnerships.


Mileage Program Begins

TorahMates began to accumulate reward points for learning Torah with their partners, which can then be redeemed for gifts.


TorahMates reached 1000 partnerships.


First Annual TorahMates Retreat

TorahMates retreats were initiated for TorahMates to meet their partners and bond in a relaxing atmosphere.


TorahMates App Released

TorahMates program becomes bigger and better with the TorahMates app for Android! TorahMates can now call their TorahMate, log their miles, and easily contact their TorahMates coordinators, all in one convenient app!


Texting System Launched

TorahMates can now log their progress, check on their points balance, and see any applicable rules simply by texting the automated TorahMates line.


Jewish Resources Launched

TorahMates' Jewish Resources website is launched, giving visitors a convenient location that houses weekly inspiration, recipes, and holiday guides.


A Thriving Organization

TorahMates is a large enterprise with over 11,500 participants who benefit from studying a topic of their preference, while enjoying the warmth gained from a friendship with their TorahMates.

Torah study for beginners fun fact!

The longest recorded TorahMates study session was 9:20:00 hours.



Below is a list of commonly studied subjects. From Torah study for beginners, to learning Hebrew, or Jewish philosophy, we've got you covered! See below for a list of commonly studied subjects. If you have another topic you are interested in, we're all ears!

Torah study for beginners


  • 13 Principles of Faith
  • Ethics of Our Fathers
  • The Way of Hashem
  • Pain and Suffering
  • Free Will
Jewish practices

Jewish Law & Customs

  • Shabbat
  • Holidays
  • Daily Living
  • Prayer
Torah Study Near Me

Oral Law & Torah Study

  • Chumash/Bible
  • Navi/Prophets
  • Mishnah
  • Talmud
Learn Hebrew


  • Hebrew Reading
  • Hebrew Language
Jewish History


  • Understanding Jewish History
  • Timeline of Jewish History
Jewish family laws


  • Marriage in Judaism
  • Parenting the Jewish Way
  • Family Purity
TorahMates Learn Torah - Fun Fact!

The greatest age gap between TorahMates partners is 68 years and the farthest geographical distance between TorahMates partners is 9,688 miles, from Miami, Florida to Melbourne, Australia!!


Find answers to the most frequently asked questions

Typically, TorahMates study once a week for 30-60 minutes. There’s not usually any preparation necessary, especially if you’re using a text. Just be ready at your scheduled, agreed upon time to participate in an engaging discussion on the topic you choose!
TorahMates is a great program for pretty much anyone Jewish, even if you don’t know anything about Judaism. Looking for a program that focuses on Torah study for beginners? TorahMates is the perfect choice! We set up more knowledgeable volunteer mentors with “students” with less background. Usually, both partners find they gain tremendously from their study together.
It’s up to you! You can study any topic that interests you, as long as it has something to do with Judaism, Torah, Jewish law or faith, Jewish History, Hebrew, prayers... you get the idea.
We have a large database of men and women who've signed up that we'll use to find the perfect match for you. Some of the things we look for are common interests, ages, cultural backgrounds and preferable study times. Often, these partnerships develop into far more than routine study sessions. Many of our TorahMates who started off learning Torah and Jewish concepts together are now close friends too!
Most TorahMates study over the phone but video call is also a great option for learning Torah online. Where possible, some TorahMates even study in person.
Once you’ve decided what topic you want to learn, your TorahMates coordinator will suggest various titles and authors to support that topic. Not everyone learns from a text, but many do. We’ll supply each of you with one free book per year of learning.
After the initial set up, your TorahMates coordinator will check in periodically with both partners either by phone, email or text to see how the learning is going, to find out if new books or materials are needed and to assist with any issues that come up. You’re always welcome and encouraged to contact your coordinator with any questions or if you need help, guidance or advice regarding the partnership or study. TorahMates coordinators are here to support their TorahMates!
Your coordinator will work with both partners to smooth out any issues that may arise. If nothing can be worked out or if it’s just not a match, we can find new partners for each TorahMate.
The mileage program is a nice perk through which TorahMates can earn great prizes when they learn Torah by logging in their sessions by date and number of minutes learned. You can log in online, by phone or by text. Your TorahMates coordinator can show you how.