A haggadah includes the basic script for the Seder meal, as well as instructions on how to lead it. Ready to count down the best haggadahs with us? Let’s explore some of the most engaging and uplifting options to enhance your Pesach Seder.

In no particular order, we present:

1. Touched by the Seder: Features English translation of the original Haggadah text and instructions on how to lead the Seder. This haggadah promises to leave no heart untouched, and offers a flavorful commentary laced with fascinating stories.

2. The Katz Haggadah: Magnificent, beautiful, and dramatic; Rabbi Boruch Chait and master illustrator Gadi Pollack team up to create a unique haggadah experience.

3. V’Higadeta Pesach Haggadah: The essays in this book include a large selection of Rav Galinsky’s insights, lessons, and stories all related to the Pesach Haggadah. As you unearth this magnificent treasure of stories and real-life lessons, Rav Galinsky’s teachings will transform you and your Seder.

4. The Little Midrash Says Haggadah: Younger children will be delighted with the stories, parables and illustrations found in this haggadah. Teenagers and their parents will enjoy the questions and answers that address, and lucidly explain, basic points of the Haggadah. With a vivid and memorable style, The Little Midrash Says series has earned the admiration of many.

5. The Artscroll Family Haggadah: Combining economy, accuracy, and the famed ArtScroll elegance, this Haggadah includes the full text and ArtScroll translation, plus instructions, notes and an introduction. Convenient and inexpensive; ideal for groups.

6. The Answer Is…: We’ve got the wine, the matzah, the stunning table settings. Now, all that’s missing to make the perfect Seder is… questions! Lots of questions! Take a thoughtful question, give an intelligent and articulate answer, and you’ve got an interactive, dynamic and spirited experience. Multiply that by hundreds of questions and answers, and you have a Seder you will never forget.

7. The Yetzias Mitzrayim Haggadah: Designed for maximum impact at the Seder, these entries are short, graphic, and unusually detailed. Considered one of the best haggadahs to help one envision the rigors of slavery, Pharaoh’s diabolical schemes, the miraculous plagues, the glorious redemption, and the unforgettable moment as the Jewish People cross the Sea.

8. Through the Prism of Experience and History: The Wein Seder is a delightful combination of classic commentary and stories, of background and history, of a bright light and piercing perspective, of provocative and enlightening ideas. This Haggadah is unique. It sparkles, stimulates – and it makes delightful reading not only on Pesach, but all year round.

9. The Artscroll Children’s Haggadah: Shmuel Blitz puts his talents to the task of creating a Children’s Haggadah, and the result is one that will be enjoyed by child and grown-up alike. One of the best haggadahs for children ages 4-8, the full Hebrew text of the Haggadah is accompanied by a child-oriented, yet accurate English translation. There are clear, precise instructions that will guide the child through every stage of the Seder. This Haggadah will be an invaluable addition to your child’s Seder (and to yours)!

10. Lighting up the Night: As an outstanding thinker and teacher, Rabbi Moshe Eisenman examines and sheds light on the major topics of the Haggadah and the story of the Exodus, especially as they relate to the modern world.

Special Feature: The Maxwell House Haggadah, of international fame! Read up on the history and backstory of what’s become a household name.

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