In this week’s parsha, we are introduced to Yishmael, whose descendants are today’s Arabs.

A number of years ago, I was approached by a group of Muslim terrorists. They told me, “Since your name is Moskowitz, we would like you to come to our MOSQUE and do a comedy show!” Trust me, the last thing I was interested in doing was a comedy show for a bunch of terrorists- but I didn’t want them to get upset. If a terrorist gets really upset, he may BLOW UP at you. He may even EXPLODE in anger! So I agreed to do a show.

I began with the following joke: There was once a Muslim terrorist that was giving a course to teenage boys on how to become suicide bombers. The teacher noticed that the students were not paying attention. So he gave a bang on the table and yelled out, “YOU GUYS HAD BETTER WATCH VERY, VERY CAREFULLY. I AM ONLY DOING THIS ONCE!”
I looked at the crowd to see their reaction to my joke. I was thrilled to see that THE WHOLE PLACE WAS ON THE FLOOR!

© Yankel Moskowitz

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  • Avi


    I always liked the one:

    So, Muhammad #3,890 …what do you want to be when you blow up?

    Thom..don’t counsel the victims of Arab/Nazi/Muslim terror about divides, if we need to laugh at any time…it just may be appropriate….

    On the other hand …Kahane Tzadak…ALWAYS

  • R. Thom Parkinson

    This type of stereotyping only fuels our divisions. You cannot put out fire with gasoline.
    We need to be charitable in all we say and do.
    This edifies no one and is completely uncharitable.
    Love without prerequisite.

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