There is a special mitzvah (commandment) that can only be fulfilled once a year. I am referring to the mitzvah of sippur yetzias Mitzrayim, the commandment to tell over the story of the exodus from Egypt. At the Passover Seder, we tell over the great miracles that G-d did for the Jewish people when they left Egypt. For example, the Egyptians had an early warning radar system to alert them when a slave would try to escape from Egypt. This was not an electronic radar, but a dog-based radar! The Egyptian dogs were trained to bark whenever they detected a slave trying to cross the Egyptian border. But when the Jews left Egypt, G-d made a miracle that the dogs were completely silent!

This leads to the following joke:
What did Momma Dog tell Baby Dog when the Jews were leaving Egypt?

Although we spend a lot of time talking about the miracles, there are three basic things that must be spoken about in order to fulfill the mitzvah of sippur yetzias Mitzrayim:

1) PESACH (lit. Passover), in this case, is a reference to the special sacrifice that the Jewish people brought on Erev Pesach, known as the korban Pesach. In Egypt, this was not easy for the Jews to do, because the Egyptians worshipped the sheep as a god! (I’m serious. I’M NOT TRYING TO PULL THE WOOL OVER YOUR EYES!) Because of this, the Jews were risking their lives by agreeing to slaughter the sheep in broad view of the Egyptians. The Egyptians were sure that their “gods” would kill the Jews, or at least put up a fight. But nothing happened. THEY WENT LIKE SHEEP TO THE SLAUGHTER!

2) MATZAH. I don’t have to explain that!
Why do we eat Matzah? To remember the TRUE story of the Exodus. Lots of children know folk takes like Cinderella. But they may not know the true story of the Exodus. That reminds me of another joke:
What would Cinderella eat on Pesach if she were Jewish?

3) MARROR, bitter herbs, which we eat to remember how bitter it was to be slaves in Egypt. Many people use green, leafy vegetable for marror. That reminds me of a joke:
What did the people on the Titanic use for marror?

Jewish Jokes for Pesach by Yankel Moskowitz

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  • Kyienemclalue

    I must say that when someone monitened the day after the Seder that Pesach reminded him how happy he was to be in the freedom of Australia after the oppression of the Soviet Union, I felt some sadness. I feel that the freedom we know is seriously threatened here. When Geert Wilders can’t find a venue in the whole city of Perth because the venue owners feel threatened, it is a sad situation. When the pro-Israel Australian newspaper has made way for the subtly but consistently anti-Israel reporter’ John Lyons, I feel sad. When Bob Carr feels it’s worth it for political reasons to curry favour with Muslim voters in New South Wales by not voting in Israel’s interests any more at the UN, I feel sad. When visas are easily granted to Muslim extremist speakers for a peace’ conference in Melbourne, I feel sad. I admire the people who made Silent Conquest . Let’s not be silent about it.

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