Life is only given to those who can live it, even if it seems hard
If you cannot live life, push yourself through; I know that’s the hard part
If you CAN live life, then live life to its fullest
Because The One Above doesn’t give you life if you cannot handle its tests.

Life is sort of like school
You’ll find that life has all sorts of rules
So does any school in any place
At different times and at different paces.

Life is also like school because life also hands you tests
Except The One Above doesn’t expect you to ace the tests He gives you; He handles the rest
If you aren’t perfect, then that’s okay
Because perfection isn’t what God expects of you anyway.

He wants you to do the best you can
After all, we’re only man
And man isn’t expected to ace any test given
All He wants is for you to be driven.

Driven enough to finish what you have to finish on this Earth
And once you’re done, you’ll be like a baby is – with so much potential and worth
Perfect enough to The Creator for Him to accept you by His Throne
After all, this life is only on loan.

So, live life and do the best you can
Because, remember, we’re only man
And we aren’t expected to ace anything like in school
For you, He bends and breaks that rule.

Because you mean more to Him than diamonds do to a king
After all, He Gave us His golden Ring
And He only gives His ring to His betrothed
So show Him that we can be His betrothed and worthy of this Ring plastered in gold.

So live life because life wants you to
Life is The Creator, The One Truth
And He doesn’t want you to give up on it, we know that to be true
Because He doesn’t give up on you.

Submitted by Shoshana Elisheva L.

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