I’m up to the kitchen,

And everywhere I look,

It seems I’m uncovering,

More and more gook.

I’m climbing inside cupboards,

Scrubbing every crack,

Just please don’t ask,

What I find in the back.

I get changed by this work.

You know how I can tell?

I start feeling so “crumby,”

My head doesn’t swell.

While scouring chometz,

Caked into hidden places,

The process itself,

Lets me see concealed traces…

Of arrogance,

Which is just as widespread.

I discover I’m more puffed up,

Than Wonder Bread.

It’s a humbling experience.

That is for sure.

Pesach cleaning –

A big ego’s best cure!

Getting rid of chometz | Submitted by Bracha Goetz

Bracha Goetz is the author of 41 Jewish children’s books and a candid memoir about her journey to joy through Judaism. Her books can be found in Jewish bookstores, on Amazon, and on her website: www.goetzbookshop.com

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