Q: What, exactly, are the six foods placed on the Passover Seder plate?

A: Read the poem to find out!

On Fifteenth Date, What Is On This Plate?

One evening in Nissan, fifteenth the date,
On each seder table, there’s always a plate.

It’s called “seder plate,” placed on each table, 
I’ll teach you to make one, so you are able.

Six spots on the plate, one spot for each thing,
Go to the kitchen, each thing you shall bring.

Let's start with maror, put just a little, 
Herb that is bitter, slavery symbol.

Beitza on the plate, in Hebrew means egg, 
Then z'roa, shank bone or chicken leg.

Sacrifice symbols during temple times,
Hope for third temple, may God hear our cries.

Scoop of charoset, fruit, nuts, wine, and spice, 
We dip maror in it, bitter but nice.

Symbol of bricks that were made from mortar, 
As slaves In Egypt, the Jews were toilers.

Spot five karpas, parsley or celery,
Some dip lightly, others more heavily.

Dip in salt water, a symbol of tears, 
We cried for freedom, for so many years.

Last spot chazeret, second bitter herb. 
Put in a sandwich, delicious-superb.

Seder plate explained, all spots you have learned,
Symbols of freedom, for years we have yearned.

By Ronen Khordipour

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