• Isaac

    To Rabbi Mints,
    How Do I Know Who Is a REAL Rabbi?
    In your answer to this question (on YouTube), you have acknowledge by your own answer that you are not a real Rabbi, because you (knowingly) have lied about your encounter with a reformed Rabbi. The lady in your audience that had challenged you had it right about the reformed Rabbis.
    Be a real Rabbi and confess that it was all a made up story. Rabbis such as yourself give the orthodox a bad name.
    Shame on you.

    • Jay

      Isaac – Thank you for sharing that video, it was truly enlightening. I am not sure why you’d say he made up the story. Rabbi Mintz is as real a person and as real a person as you can find. I know this because I met him personally recently and spoke to him.
      Isaac – I’m not sure it’ll convince you; you don’t seem to be the kind of person who runs to believe something they hear (see comment above), but i’d strongly encourage you to meet Rabbi Mintz.
      Isaac, if you take my advice and meet him, you will finally meet a “Real Rabbi”!


    • Yosef

      How sad that you really belive that Rabbi Mintz ‘Made up’ a story for what I assume you feel was to ‘entertaining the crowd’. Rabbi Mintz is as real as they get and he was on the mark with his explanation of what Reform Judaism realy is… ir isn’t. The women who asked the question merely wanted to point out that her Rabbi might know more than the ‘Rabbi’ on the plane. Rabbi Mintz’s point was well taken by all of us who saw the video, and you should do the same if you are truly honest with yourself.

    • admin

      Song composed by Ari Goldwag
      Lyrics by Miriam Israeli
      Arrangements and Instrumentation by Ian Freitor

      כשאני לעצמי
      ואתה לא איתי
      מה אני כשאני בנפרד
      כי אני יהודי
      לא הולך לבדי
      רק איתך, ידידי, יד ביד
      עם אחד, שיר אחד
      בוא אחי ותן לי יד
      ונוכל לשמוח ולרקוד יחד
      כאיש אחד בלב אחד
      לא רוצה להיות לבד
      רק לנצח שבת אחים גם יחד
      להיות משפחה
      זהו סוד השמחה
      כי ביחד הכל טוב יותר
      ואנחנו שרים
      כל ישראל חברים
      על אף אחד לא נסכים לוותר

      אם נצליח לאהוב
      ונשיר הנה מה טוב
      המשיח עוד יגיע בקרוב

      When I am for myself
      And you are not with me
      What am I when I am separate?
      For I am a Jew
      I do not go alone
      Just with you, my friend, hand in hand
      One nation, one song
      Come my brother and give me your hand
      And we will rejoice and dance together
      As one person, with one heart
      I don’t want want to be alone,
      Just forever brothers sitting together
      To be a family
      Is the secret of joy
      For everything is better together
      And we sing
      All Israel are friends
      We won’t give up on anyone

      If we can successfully love
      And sing ‘how pleasant..’
      The Moshiach will come soon

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