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The plaintive, stirring Chasidic song has been a vehicle of connection to a loftier plane, for over two centuries. Its notes and chords are the pens which express the soul’s feeling.

From powerful yearning and searing passion, to exuberant joy and eloquent majesty. From the niggunim (tunes) of Chabad to the marches of Gur, from the Modzhitzer melodies to Vizhnitzer classics, and so many more, the Chasidic genre runs a gamut, each speaking a slightly different language, yet ultimately touching the same Source.

In the contemporary age, the timeless beauty of Chassidic music meets up with modern technology and innovation, the results of which are breathtaking.

Feel yourself connecting to a different time and place, yet at the same time very much here and now, and let its power overtake you…

Mameh Rochel (Mother Rachel)

Featuring child soloist Avrum Chaim Green (he’s now a teenager), Freilach Band, Shira Choir, and Shlomie Daskal. Sung in authentic “Chassideshe Havara” in Hebrew and Yiddish, the genuine feeling of the performers is obvious.

Mameh Rochel

V’sashpia Riach Kudshechu

A magnificent production, melding together so many different talents!

V’sashpia Riach Kudshechu


The feeling of serenity as the holy Shabbos enters is felt in this Yiddish classic: “Let us make Kiddush on (and sanctify) the whole world”

Featuring Beri Weber and the Shira Choir



The absolutely gorgeous and heartwarming “Davenen” – The words are an introduction to prayer. It expresses the awe and humility a person ought to feel as he or she prepares to talk to the Almighty.

Featuring the Yingerlich Boys Choir


Haneshama Bekirbi

Of course, we cannot leave out superstar Chassidic singer Motty Steinmetz from Israel.

Haneshama Bekirbi is a runaway hit on YouTube, with over 8 million views, over six years.

Haneshama Bekirbi


Another great one by Motty Steinmetz!


Chabad Medley with Avraham Fried

Avraham Fried is an old master. One of his specialties is Chabad niggunim.

Here are some golden oldies from that genre.

L’chaim Tish

Another golden resource is the L’Chaim Tish series.

Here is one nugget of excellence:

…and the list goes on.

Whether you’re feeling on high, or need a boost, contemplative or just numb, there’s something uplifting for everyone.

Connect to the golden chain of the Chassidic legacy, and discover its message of touching the Divine through love, joy and the power of song.

Contemporary Chassidic Masterpieces | By Pinchos Fried

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