Jewish Music Part 4

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Speaking about Jewish music, we can’t forget Oorah’s contribution to the Jewish music scene, can we?

In various forums, Oorah has made its mark with quite a few classic productions. Here is a sampling of some our most popular music videos:

Gam Zu by 8th Day

Contemporary, and hugely popular, the super-talented 8th Day brothers bring a modern, hip twist to the age-old concept of “Gam Zu” l’tova: Everything is for the good…

Gam Zu

Gift For You by 8th Day

And they do it again! Rocking, fun, and slightly wacky, 8th Day’s humor and jazz jive with the Purim spirit of today.

Gift For You

Hentelach Around the World by Lipa Schmeltzer

Lipa Schmeltzer is a dyed-in-the-wool Chassid, with a funky, hilarious flavor. “Hentelach Around the World” portrays various nationalities and cultures each singing their own version of his “lift up your hands to our Father in Heaven” (the original is in Yiddish)

Lipa’s Hentelach Around the World

V’sein Chelkeinu by Baruch Levine

Baruch Levine’s golden voice and heartfelt style alternates with child soloist Nachi Kaufman of the New York Boys Choir, in this stirring melody.

Deep inside every Jew’s heart, there lies a desire to be a part of the Jewish People, and connect to God and His holy Torah. While sometimes dormant, it doesn’t take all that much for that spark to fan into a roaring flame of yearning.

V’Sein Chelkeinu

Don’t Take Kids to a Store by Abie Rotenberg

The Marvelous Midos Machine is a classic Jewish children’s album, by master composer and singer Abie Rotenberg.

Here, humor combines with great music, to subtly teach children an important lesson.

Don’t Take Kids to a Store

My Zaidy by Moshe Yess ob”m

True Jewish nostalgia, couched in country-style music. “My Zeidy” (my grandfather) is a masterpiece of simple, raw emotion. Sung by the unforgettable Moshe Yess, of blessed memory, in its own way, it will be sure to pluck at your heartstrings, and evoke a longing for all that “Zeidy” stood for.

My Zaidy

For more of Oorah’s Jewish music videos, kids’ productions, and more, visit

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