In Parshas Haazinu, it is written, “G-d is trustworthy.”

Rav Chaim Shmuelevitz wonders why this is appropriate praise for G-d. Would we expect any different? Even humans are expected to be reliable and honest!

He explains that this is indeed something praiseworthy about Hashem; it just needs to be properly explained.

Humans, much as they try to be fair and just, are limited in their knowledge. When one comes to a human court of law, all the judges can see is the person in front of them. And they will therefore issue a ruling based only on this person. They cannot take into account the effect this ruling will have on his wife, children, or acquaintances.

This is where He differs, and this is what makes Him truly trustworthy. G-d is omniscient, all-knowing, and when He judges a person for his flaws and mistakes, He takes everybody into account. His family, his friends, even the third grade teacher who will hear what he’s struggling with and feel a pang of sorrow.

That’s why we can trust G-d with this Day of Judgement that is almost upon us.

Want to make sure you come out with a good year?

Here’s Rav Chaim’s suggestion:

Make sure you’re important to a lot of people.

Following the logic above, the more people who get hurt when you’re hurting, the less likely it is for you to hurt- because they don’t deserve to hurt along with you.

Every drop of pain is accounted for. G-d doesn’t hurt randomly.

Like your parents always told you, surround yourself with good people. They are a protection, always, but especially on this Day of Judgement.

Create close bonds with them. They’re people you want to have in your life for multiple reasons.

And of course, the insurance policy doesn’t hurt.

Kesiva v’chasima tova!

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