The fourth tip in our series on shmiras halashon by Mrs. Tova Younger.

If you have trained yourself to judge favorably, you’ll be your very own best lawyer! When our final judgment comes upon us, we will be called upon to judge our own lives, but we won’t recognize ourselves. Not only that, but Hashem judges us in the way that we judge others.

Train yourself by playing the following game: Try to think of five reasons that make this action totally acceptable, or at least not so bad. Untamed, our initial reaction could bring us to rash conversation. Minimally, such a game will probably defuse and calm down your emotional feelings. If you have a sense of humor, it could distract you, remove negative feelings and even put you in a laughing mood.

Conclusion: Make judging favorably a firm habit.

Warning! When defending someone, be sure to steer clear of unnecessarily vilifying the other side.

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