In this week’s Torah portion, we are told about Avraham Avinu’s prayer for the city of Sodom. Besides for this prayer, Avraham Avinu is known for a different prayer: the Shacharis or Morning prayer. The most desirable time to begin praying Shacharis is with the onset of sunrise, called netz hachama or kivasikin. This leads to the following joke: What time of day do the NETS play the SUNS? At NETZ HACHAMA!

Another joke about the vasikin prayers: TRUE STORY: One morning, I was praying kivasikin and something very strange happened. Right after the vasikin prayers, somebody made a Bris Milah, a circumcision, for his newborn baby. Needless to say, it is very uncommon to do the bris so early in the morning. (It was so early that even the baby was sleeping!) I wondered why the father chose to give his baby a bris milah so early in the morning. And then it hit me: IT MUST BE THAT THE BABY WAS A PREEMIE!

A few months ago, I passed by a two-story building. The bottom floor was a Dunkin’ Donuts and the top floor was a Bais Hamedrash (study hall.) Do you know what I called the building?

by Rabbi Yankel Moskowitz

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