During the times of Noach the world “was full of theft”. In other words, everyone was stealing.

This begs the question: Why was everyone so caught up in theft? Didn’t some people have a conscience?

The answer is that people are susceptible to “what everyone else is doing”. If that’s what’s “normal”, that’s what they want for themselves. They see it as truth and they see it as inevitable.

But that isn’t the case.

Habits come and go; even ideologies come and go. The Torah has stood the tests of time and remains a bulwark pulling us in the proper direction.

In Maimonidies’ famous words:  “It is human nature to be drawn after those around us, therefore, it is always important to surround ourselves with good people.”

In contemporary times, this can be done by participating only in technology and social media that are a good influence, not bad ones.

Parshas Noach by Rabbi Eli Reit

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