By: Sara Jacobs

A deep, golden love

A royal chain of lineage

A king bestows upon his son

A beautiful gift

Ripples of excitement

Pulse through the child

A diamond of high value

Lies in his hands

He promises to protect it

A treasure forever

Emblazoned in his soul


A beloved nation

To a Father of compassion

For I am sick with love

Hashem called upon Moshe and said

“I have a good present in my treasure house and Shabbos is her name

and I desire to give it to Israel

The gift of Shabbos

Glory of the special soul

Wings to soar higher

To reach our Creator

Who dwells in sublime spheres

Revel in His majestic splendor

Show trust in His salvation

A desire to connect

Deep love to reflect

Experience His warmth


Shabbos is a sign

The banner of loyalty

The people that sanctifies the Seventh

A nation sanctifying the Holy day

Throughout the generations

Years of trials and tribulations

And the Children of Israel shall keep the Sabbath

A spark ignites inside

A flame burns worldwide

An oasis of tranquility

Through the peaceful aura of completion

Ties of connection

Father and His children

Bound eternally

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