The holiday of Shavuos celebrates the fact that the Jewish people received the Torah from Hashem. At the foot of Mount Sinai, the Jewish people received the luchos, tablets, from G-d. On the two Tablets were inscribed the Ten Commandments. The Ten Commandments are not MULTIPLE CHOICE! They are the ten key principles that provide the basis of all 613 mitzvos in the Torah.

In relation to receiving the Torah, our Sages tell us something fascinating. The Jews achieved such a high level of spirituality at Mount Sinai that they merited a special miracle. All sick people, regardless of how severely ill they were, recovered from their illnesses. This miracle lasted as long as the first set of Tablets were around. However, when the Jews sinned with the Golden Calf, Moses had no choice but to break the Tablets. This was not merely a symbolic gesture: it revealed that the Jewish people had fallen from their supernatural level and were now, once again, bound by the laws of nature. In light of the new reality, the Jews who had been sick before the giving of the Torah became ill once again. With this introduction in mind…

So many Jews were healed when the Torah was given that they began to call the place MOUNT SINAI HOSPITAL! However, the cure of the Torah only worked if you took the correct dosage. In order to be healed, you had to take TWO TABLETS! You had to take the Tablets WHOLE. Unfortunately, when the Jews refused to follow the Torah, THE TABLETS HAD TO BE CRUSHED BECAUSE THERE WERE SOME PARTS THAT THE JEWS COULD NOT SWALLOW. Once the Tablets were crushed, they were no longer effective and the Jews got sick again.

By Yankel Moskowitz

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