ki teitzei candy

This week’s Torah portion, Parshat Ki Teitzei, contains 74(!) of the 613 mitzvot, commandments. I chose two commandments for this week’s Parsha Sweets and Treats. The first is shiluach hakan. We are taught that if we see a mother bird in her nest with her eggs or baby birds, we must first chase away the mother bird before taking away her babies.

We also learn about the laws of kilayim, the prohibition of mingling species to create hybrid fruits or fabrics. This includes the rule of shaatnez, prohibiting the use of both wool and linen in our clothing.

For this week’s Parsha Sweets and Treats, I purchased Boulder Bites (speckled large jelly beans) to symbolize the bird’s eggs in the nest for the mitzvah of shiluach hakan, and Twizzler Pull and Peel twists in different colors to symbolize the laws of kilayim and shaatnez. You can also get candy money as many of the laws discussed in this week’s parsha contain references to monetary payments, such as the laws of paying workers on time, inheritance laws for the first born and the laws of charging interest.

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Shayna Levine-Hefetz

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