Sefirot are defined as emanations, meaning an abstract but perceptible concept that originates from a source. While we are involved in counting Sefirat Haomer, we also have an opportunity to focus on spiritually refining ourselves through the process.

The concept of Sefirot is a Kabbalistic one, meaning it contains certain mysticisms. And the term sefirah itself, has complex connotations within kabbalah.

The Sefirot are described as channels through which the divine essence is revealed to mankind, but in simpler terms, they’re channels through which we can refine ourselves spiritually, in preparation for receiving the Torah on Shavuos.

The sefirot are organized into three discrete columns, and are often referred to as the three “Fathers.” The first sefirah, Keter, reflects a person’s personal desire. What dictates your actions and behavior? A person should always be guided by Fear of G-d.

The following two sefirot, Chochma and Binah, refer to levels of wisdom. The first, Chochma, means wisdom, while Binah refers to understanding.

The next seven sefirot outline different divine emotions. Chessed means engaging in acts of loving-kindness. Gevurah means strength of character and fortitude. Tiferet is beauty, glory, and compassion. Netzach means eternity, and Hod means splendor and majesty. Yesod means foundation. Malchut involves kingdom and sovreigneity.

As a matter of fact, in the afterlife, every Jew will be asked a series of questions relating directly to the ten sefirot.

Keter: Was Fear of G-d your storehouse?

Chochma: Did you delve into wisdom?

Bina: When you learned Torah, did you learn it deeply?

Chessed: Did you engage in acts of loving-kindness?

Gevurah: Did you conduct your business transactions faithfully?

Tiferet: Did you wait in hope for the Messianic salvation?

Netzach: Did you set aside fixed times for Torah study?

Hod: Did you treat your fellow Jew royally?

Yesod: Did you engage in procreation?

Malchut: Did you coronate your Maker in the morning and evening?

Underlying the structural purpose of each sefirah is a hidden motivational force which is understood best by comparison with a corresponding psychological state in human spiritual experience. The sefirot are intended to act as illuminations of G-d’s infinite light as in manifests in creation- meaning us. By doing our best to master the above concepts and manifest them in out actions, we are bringing G-d’s glory to this Earth.

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