Top Ten Best Books on Judaism

Looking for a new book? No need to scour the internet for your next read. We’re breaking it down today with a list of the top ten best books on Judaism, and you’re going to want to tune in for this one.

Let us know below which one you plan to read next!

1. Gateway to Judaism by Rabbi Mordechai Becher

Gateway to Judaism is a comprehensive, yet comfortably readable resource detailing why traditional Jews live as they do. It describes Jewish practices and how to live a Jewish life, offering a distinctive blend of Jewish education, Jewish philosophy, Jewish law, and practical application illustrated through the experiences of a fictional family. This book is your key to learn about Judaism.

2. Artscroll Siddur

This innovative prayer book with interlinear translation improves comprehension without interfering with concentration. The interlinear concept is a tested method, and explains the flow of the verse. Includes a comprehensive commentary with the translation and explanations of every verse. This Schottenstein Interlinear Series will elevate the standards of prayer.

3. Illustrated Guide to Shabbos by Rabbi Zev Greenwald

This book covers the varied laws of Shabbos with detailed illustrations and diagrams for maximum clarity. Food preparation, housework, and using appliances are among the many topics covered, and it’s considered the perfect user-friendly guide for those who want to strengthen their basic knowledge of Shabbos observance.

4. Living Emunah

Living Emunah is based on Rabbi D. Ashear’s ‘Daily Emunah’ talks, which has transformed the lives of thousands. Each selection is short, readable, and infinitely wise. Through the classic lens of Torah thought as well as true-life stories, discover what emunah (faith) is and what it isn’t, and how to bring it into our lives. Embark with confidence and joy on the journey of a lifetime – on the path to emunah.

5. Stone Chumash

With the contemporary English translation of the Torah, the stone edition of the Chumash is a beautiful approach to learning the eternal wisdom of the Torah. This volume features classic Rabbinic commentators, as well as insights of contemporary greats so you can learn Torah easily. Includes both Haftaros and the Five Megillos with introductory comments, translation, and commentaries.

6. Kosher for the Clueless but Curious by Shimon Apisdorf

This book is advertised as having it all! It presents the different aspects of running a kosher kitchen for readers who are hungry for information that’s easy to digest. One of the highlights is a stunning 24-page cookbook featuring recipes from some famous chefs, challenging the myth that kosher cooking limits creativity. 

7. Rav Schwab on Prayer 

A lifetime of learning, thought, piety, and perspective were poured into Rav Schwab’s stimulating and inspiring lectures, which are now presented in this book, focusing specifically on the power of prayer.

8. Understanding Judaism by Mordechai Katz

This book is filled with good questions and better answers. Why should I believe? Why be Jewish? What does a Jew have to do? Is science an enemy of Judaism? Get the clarity you’ve always craved in this book packed with information, stories, and ideas.

9. What the Angel Taught You by Rabbi Noach Weinberg and Rabbi Yaakov Salomon, C.S.W.

Have you ever asked, “What does the Creator really want from me?” In their ground-breaking book, “What the Angel Taught You,” two world-renowned educators collaborate to ask and answer some of the most compelling questions. The result is a new approach to pleasure, free will, happiness, knowledge, love, and intellectualism.

10. Visions of Our Fathers by Dr. Abraham J. Twerski

Beautiful reading, provocative ideas, enticing stories, sound insights, and acute observations are all present in this book by Rabbi  Abraham J. Twerski. He focuses on what the Sages imparted to us for our daily lives, and illustrates it beautifully with delightful anecdotes, from today and from our archives.

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