Jewish Virtual Learning

Aside from masks and quarantines, the COVID-19 virus has drastically changed the landscape of professional and educational life. For over a year, entire countries were working from home, school was something reserved for Zoom alone, and you only had to get dressed waist-up to give a presentation. 

The plus-side of all this? Jewish virtual learning has now become easier than ever. Below, we explore several options for enjoyable, interactive online learning.

✅ Get a personal study partner 

You can join more than 11,500 TorahMates in 843 cities, learning Jewish topics weekly. You’ll get the chance to study Jewish topics that interest you over the phone or a video call, for only a half-hour a week. 

Just submit an application, and they’ll reach out to set you up with a personal study partner and send you the materials you need to get started on your Jewish learning. 

✅ Browse the Jewish Resources website

Online Jewish learning is here to stay with the Jewish Resources website, fully equipped with inspiration, recipes, stories, instructions, videos and more. 

Browse thoughts on the weekly Torah portion, instructional videos for celebrating holidays, and fascinating stories sure to keep you hooked.

✅ Attend an online Ask the Rabbi class

What do Jews and Muslims have in common? Why shouldn’t a couple live together before marriage? Is a child obligated to respect an absentee parent? Does G-d ever give up on people? 

Rabbi Chaim Mintz, Oorah’s founder, answers these and other questions live every Tuesday night—and we want you there to watch the action.

Feeling brave? Jump in! Raise your hand, and ask the rabbi a question that’s been bothering you.

Join us for a fast-paced, enlightening question and answer session, every Tuesday night, at 9 pm! It’s time for some virtual Jewish learning– to get the answers, knowledge, and clarity you’re seeking. 

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