Torah Study for Beginners

The room is quiet, your phone is on silent. You cleared the table, and you have a glass of cold water sitting next to you. Everything should be perfect.

And you sigh. Because something just isn’t. 

Here’s the truth:

It can be hard to stay motivated throughout any form of study- especially if you’re still starting out. 

However, it’s important to realize that once you develop a routine, Torah study gives so much more than it takes. With time, you will come to realize the joy, clarity, and fulfillment that are the rewards of someone who commits to Torah study. 

The Torah is known as the “inheritance of the Jewish people,” because it belongs to every Jew and can be learned at every level. That’s why both the smallest children and the most phenomenal geniuses have found themselves at home in Torah study.

According to Rabbi Meir, G-d would have created the entire world just for the sake of one person who sits and learns Torah. Imagine the power contained in each word and minute of your learning!

Below, we’ve compiled a list of tips and tricks to help get you started on the road to success and satisfaction:

1. Set goals for yourself. No need to bite off more than you can chew! Set clear, actionable goals for yourself- whether it’s an amount of time that you want to learn, a number of pages you want to read, or something else entirely. 

2. Find yourself a study partner. Free programs like TorahMates offer you a unique opportunity to study any Jewish topic you want with a personal study partner. It’s an all-in-one Judaism for Beginners program, and it takes just a half hour a week.

3. Block out distractions. Make sure you’re in an environment where you’re going to be able to focus and concentrate on what you’re reading. It’s better if this isn’t an area that you usually relax in. 

4. Enjoy yourself! If you find yourself disinterested, it may be time to try a new book or find yourself a study partner. Torah study is supposed to be enjoyable and fulfilling; and if it’s not, there’s probably something you can fix.

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