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Speaking of choirs, here’s a “golden oldie”, that’s been around for a while and is famous within the Orthodox Jewish community. Recently they went viral on Tik Tok, creating quite a stir in the broader population and popularizing Jewish music with the masses. I’m referring here to the Miami Boys Choir.

Miami Boys Choir, A.K.A MBC, is a medley of boyish enthusiasm, childish sincerity, soul-stirring music and composition, and charming dance.

The choir was founded in 1977 by Yerachmiel Begun, while convalescing in Florida on doctor’s orders. Stuck with little to do, he was approached by members of the Miami community to start a choir there. Finding talent among the local boys, Yerachmiel acquiesced. And the rest, as they say, is history…

Miami Boys Choir has since moved to Brooklyn, but the name stuck.

Since they exploded on social media, many new videos of their concerts have been posted, to the public’s delight.

This is the one that started it all, now a Tik Tok sensation

Here are some classics:

Performed in Central Park, June 2016
A true Miami Boys Choir experience
Yavo (Live Version)
Ut Ut
Oh Hashem (Live Version)

This message resonates today more than ever!

You can also see many more videos on the official MBC Tik Tok page. Join the craze!

By Rabbi Pinchos Fried

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